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Big Bets is a global start-up builder & investor that invests in repeat founders and exceptional growth start-ups. To go beyond what we can currently imagine is the type of thinking and action that gets us excited at Big Bets. We are all about building amazing global growth businesses and new impactful and enduring brands.
How we do all that is by teaming up with the best minds and muscles on the globe and when we do that we believe we can take any target and often what was perceived as seemingly impossible becomes possible. Start-ups, teams and founders that are equipped with such a growth mindset are where we focus and invest our energy.



Yesterday, Huuuge, Inc. announced USD 150 million Share Buyback ("SBB") and Invitation to Sell ("ITS") ( In Big Bets' view, the price of USD 8.7607 (which corresponds to PLN 37) offered in the SBB/ITS is an attractive proposition, and Big Bets will participate in selling part of its Huuuge, Inc. holdings on a pro-rata basis and the extent allowed by the ITS allocation rules.

Big Bets is strongly committed to remaining a significant shareholder of Huuuge, Inc., and Big Bets is positively viewing the company's long-term prospects.